Traffic Issues

You have advised us that there is a problem with parking near school.  Parents with pushchairs are struggling to walk on the pavements due to parents/carers parking their vehicles partly on the road and partly on the pavements.  There is nowhere safe for children to cross, cars are travelling faster than the speed limit around school - 20 miles per hour.
We have:
1.     Spoken to Newcastle City Council Highways and Local Services, Councillor Davey Woods and the Business Continuity, Risk and Resilience Officer who have had a meeting in school and reviewed the issues raised.
2.     Newcastle City Council are looking to make the temporary waiting restrictions permanent, and have extended the yellow lines.  They are also looking a other measures to ensure children are safe.
3.     Spoken to Northumbria Police who will be sneding Police vehicles and Community Support Offiers to observe and speak to owners of cars parked illegally.
4.     Requested the parking enforcement camera car to attend.
5.     The school council on behalf of the pupils have also wrote to the Local Authority expressing their  concerns. 
6.      School have met with officials from Newcastle City Council including councillors regarding the issues and concerns that are raised on a daily basis.