Collective Worship

Collective Worship forms a central part of our school day and is highly valued by children, parents and staff. It is seen as a special time in that it is an opportunity to pray together, or reflect on the things we consider to be important. A daily, shared act of worship, in the Christian tradition, is led by children, teachers, a member of the clergy or guest presenters. We use a range of presentation styles so everyone is able to participate. All acts of worship have an underlying Christian theme and are linked to a Christian Value or our 'word of the week' through a Christian context - although their focus may be about world events or social dilemmas. Bible stories are sometimes told, as are stories from other religions and cultures.

We have a special team of Worship Leaders - a group of children from across the school who take a lead role in delivering acts of Collective worship. They help plan and lead Worship, choose hymns and prayers as well as preparing the worship table. Now that we are able to worship as a whole school again, the Worship Leaders are beginning to plan and deliver worship with greater independence.

Shine Worship takes place on Friday mornings which is also a time to celebrate our children’s achievements. Every term, one of our classes plans and delivers a class worship, linked to a major Christian celebration or tradition. Normally we invite and welcome parents and members of the local church community to join these worships and we look forwarding to welcoming back visitors when it is safe to do so. 

During major Christian Festivals and other special school occasions, we worship together at Walker Parish Church or at St. Anthony of Egypt Church with Father Phil Medley. Family and friends are always encouraged to share such occasions.